Biomedical maintenance


BIOMESNIL MEDICAL supports all preventive and curative maintenance of your medical devices thanks to builders training followed by our technicians.

Upon arrival in our workshops, you can track in real time the steps of repairing your equipment from your Customer area.

Preventive maintenance


It’s definition in AFNOR is: “Maintenance executed at irregular intervals or according to prescribed criteria and intended to reduce the probability of failure or degradation of the functioning of a good” (NF EN 13306 extract X 60 -319). In France, it is legal.

It is intended for any medical device:

  • To maintain their performance
  • To increase their lifespan
  • Increase reliability and security
  • Decrease the number of curative maintenance
  • Optimize their use and costs
    It consists of control protocols, settings, replacement parts and / or manufacturer-specific maintenance kits.

It is validated by the issue of an intervention report.

Corrective maintenance


It’s definition according to European standard is: “Maintenance performed after detection of a fault and designed to deliver a well in a state in which it can perform a required function” (excerpt standard EN 13306 X 60-319 of June 2011 ).

We promise:

  • Establishing rapid and complete specifications
  • Optimum performance on repair times
  • Management and traceability of interventions available in your Customer Area
  • Consideration of ANSM notifications and regulatory watch on your medical devices.
  • A detailed service report for each intervention
  • A 6 month warranty parts and labor