For environment


BIOMESNIL MEDICAL is sensitized to environmental protection


Patterns of production and consumption must respect the human or natural environment to enable all inhabitants of the Earth to meet their basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, learn, work, live in an environment healthy…

As recalled by the President of the Republic Jacques Chirac, at the Johannesburg World Summit in September 2002, sustainable development called each of behavior change (citizens, businesses, local authorities, governments, international institutions) face threats weighing on people and the planet (social inequalities, industrial and health risks, climate change, loss of biodiversity …). 

BIOMESNIL MEDICAL organized since 2000 and in each of its technical centers, sorting and collection of reformed medical devices, batteries, paper and cartridges and printer toners. 

Thus, the batteries are removed and sent to our supplier for recycling.
Reformed materials are stored to be removed by our equipped BIO UP (Reconditioning spare parts) the rest routed to a waste processing center where they are destroyed or recycled.
Similarly, we recycle ink cartridges, toners and paper and cardboard packaging.

Since 2012, we have all our papers dematerialized documents and reports to profile computer files more accessible and more easily stored. 

The establishment in 2016 of our e-commerce site, is part of this paperless approach